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Dental SEO: 7 Practices to Boost Patient Acquisition

Dental SEO can be quite a challenge, but it is necessary for the growth and success of your practice. As more and more people turn to the Internet when searching for quality and affordable dental services, online marketing has become an integral part of reaching out to potential dental patients.

Without a doubt, a robust dental SEO marketing strategy can lead your practice to new and greater heights. But to achieve that, you have to pay more attention to your current digital marketing efforts and make it easier for patients to find you when they need you.

These SEO practices will help you improve your online presence:

Focus on local SEO before anything else.

If there’s one aspect of your digital marketing strategy that you should pour most of your time and efforts on, it’s your local SEO. The first step towards a reliable and effective SEO strategy is ranking well on local searches, but without altogether abandoning traditional SEO.

One of the simplest but results-oriented ways to rank your dental site high up in Google’s local search results is by creating online directory listings for your practice. Choose to list in high-quality platforms, directories, or dental/oral health-related niches that are relevant to your field. And since you’re goal is to target audiences and potential patients in the area, going for AU directories (those ending in would have a more significant impact on your local SEO than worldwide ones.

Putting out a lot of accurate business and location information about your practice online will strengthen your website’s location signals, which helps it appear on top of the search results page more often.

Optimize your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is a free online platform that helps you engage and extend your reach to potential patients across Google Maps and Google Search. Optimizing your business’ GMB profile would be very beneficial to your brand because, as we all know, people Google everything nowadays.

When creating your GMB profile, make sure to provide as much accurate information about your practice as possible. Fill in the listing with useful data about your practice and answer every question that your target audience would likely want to know. Don’t forget to link the listing to your website and include photos of your dental office.

Most importantly, get verified. You’ll be amazed at how a GMB verification can advance your online marketing efforts and boost your reputation.

Request for online patient reviews

Online reviews are essential in establishing your practice’s reputation and credibility, especially among those who have just heard or found out about you. But as beneficial as online reviews are reputation-wise, they also contribute so much to your site’s SEO.

Review signals – influenced by the quantity, velocity, frequency, and diversity of your online reviews, take up a large chunk in Google’s ranking factors for local map results. Moreover, more than two-thirds of patients confess that the reviews they read online often affect their choice of dentist or other medical professionals.

What we’re saying here is, don’t be shy; get into the habit of asking your patients for a review. When patients are happy and satisfied with your dental services, it shouldn’t be too difficult to encourage them to vouch for you online.

Invest in a user-friendly and mobile-friendly website

A website that offers excellent user-experience has a higher chance of making it to Google’s top recommendations. While quality content is essential, content alone cannot ensure your SERP ranking. Your site may be filled with lots of valuable information, but a poor user experience can drive visitors away.

Investing in a good website structure helps ensure that the user experience you provide is up to both Google’s and your visitors’ standards. A well-designed and well-organized website makes it easier for people to understand what the pages are all about.

Also, take steps in making your site faster and easier to navigate. Surveys show that users tend to linger on more responsive and accessible websites. On the contrary, they can’t leave soon enough when a site’s too slow and too complicated to explore.

Work on your site’s speed, ease of navigation, and mobile-friendliness to inspire potential patients to take action.

Search for and use unique keywords

Keyword analysis is the backbone of any successful dental SEO strategy. It is the foundation where all subsequent SEO work is laid. Therefore, you and your team should invest more time and effort into finding exceptional, hyper-targeted keywords.

Hyper-targeted keywords are less ambiguous and more research-oriented. By including more specific information such as the type of service and the location limits of the search, pages have a better chance of turning up in search results, which leads to an increase in traffic and a higher conversion rate.

Content will always be king

This may sound like outdated advice, but it holds true to this day. Quality content is crucial to the success of your dental SEO and digital marketing strategy. That said, you should never post something just for the sake of having content.

When Google returns search results relative to specific keywords, it ranks individual pages and not websites. Google determines your search ranking by analyzing visitor’s time-on-page, which is the average amount of time that users have spent on your website. Of course, the best, and perhaps, the only way to keep visitors on your page longer is by providing valuable content.

For a website to covet one of the top spots, it must have quality content that’s relevant to what the user is searching for.

Work with a reliable dental SEO agency

Many dental practices often choose to work with large dental marketing companies with hundreds or even thousands of clients. While having lots of clients may mean a company is trustworthy, it may also affect the quality of the SEO services they provide.

Choose a digital or SEO firm with extensive dental marketing experience, but also make sure that they can offer you the value you’re paying for, if not more. This means being able to provide personal service and customizing the SEO strategy to your needs.

You’ll get more bang for your buck by working with a team who is not only passionate about what they do but also the time required to deliver a job well done.

If you need assistance with your online dental marketing, please get in touch with us.

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