Digital Strategy Consulting. All Good Things Start with a Digital Strategy Audit

We see a lot of companies fail online because they have no website and digital marketing strategy. We offer a comprehensive digital strategy audit to SMEs which assesses your website, your brand, your online marketing activities, your social media and much more. Get a road map for a successful online presence and marketing campaigns that achieve your goals. Our digital strategy consulting service has proven to be successful for many organisations.

Digital Strategy Consulting

What’s included in the digital strategy audit:

  • Website & UX Assessment
  • Brand & USP Analysis
  • Online Marketing Channel Assessment
  • SEO Audit
  • Social Media Analysis & Follower Insights
  • User Persona & Audience Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Analytics & Website Tracking Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Digital Strategy Recommendations & Implementation Plan

We also offer a FREE digital strategy audit to any Australian business. The free audit is less comprehensive, but you still get very good value out of it. Please select your preferred audit type in the form.

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We have a free digital audit (light version) or a paid full fledged 30-page strategy audit including in-depth research, analysis and a detailed action plan.

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Website & UX Assessment

Taking into consideration the user personas, we will analyse your website, the existing user journey and the sitemap. We also look at your content and whether calls-to-action are strong enough and in the right place. Our recommendations aim at improving the user experience and increasing the conversion rate.

User Persona & Audience Research

We analyse your current client base to identify their demographics, such as age, sex, income level, employment, lifestyle, interests, hobbies and more. Based on the findings we’ll develop user personas. Knowing the intricacies of your target audience is key to successfully market to them.

Brand & USP Analysis

Does your brand reflect who you are? Are you using the right tone? Is your branding consistent across your website, social media and print material? Your business wants to be unique, but is it? We will look at your value proposition and compare it to your competitors to pinpoint whether you stand out enough.

Keyword Research

As you would know, keywords are very important for SEO and Google Advertising. What are people searching for before they are ready to buy? Where do you rank and can your business be found? Other factors include keyword intent. Some keywords indicate that a person is ready to buy and others indicate that the users is just doing research. Presenting the right info at the right time is key.

Online Marketing Channel Assessment

What online marketing channels should you focus on? Is SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn the best way to reach your audience? Every channel has its own purpose. For example, there is no point in using instagram if your target market consists of an older demographic. Similarly, if your business is focused on B2C customers, you wouldn’t use LinkedIn as a channel. Fact is you can’t be everywhere, so we help you find the best channels for your business.

Google Analytics & Website Tracking Audit

There are a vast number of settings in Google Analytics (GA). We will not only check if your GA has been implemented properly, but we’ll also focus on website tracking. One of the most important things is tracking goals/conversions (vital actions you want the user to take, such as form submissions, calling you, make a booking, downloading a white paper, etc..). We also look your implementation of the Facebook pixel, LinkedIn insights tag and CRM tracking script.

SEO Audit

We perform a full on-page and off-page SEO audit. We look at your website content, headings, meta data, website code structure, speed, responsiveness and other vital factors. We also do a full backlink audit and analyse your domain authority, page authority and spam score. This audit forms the basis for a long-term SEO strategy.

Competitor Analysis

Who are the main players in your industry? How do they stack up against you with their digital presence? We can pinpoint what digital marketing channels they are using and how they communicate their value proposition. Analyzing your competitors is key to outperforming them.

Social Media & Website User Insights

We use the best digital tools on the market to get insights about your social media followers and website users. The demographic information gained from this exercise will help determine your main user personas and how we can reach them best.

Strategy & Implementation Plan

With all of the above market research and insights gained, we are going to be in a position to develop a detailed digital strategy for your business. We will not only provide a detailed strategy recommendation, but we show you what the next steps are and how the new marketing plan will be rolled out over 6 months, 1 year or even 5 years in some cases.

What is a digital strategy?

What is a digital strategy

A digital strategy is a forward action plan to achieve a set of defined goals. Typically, past and present online activities are analysed to gain insights. A digital strategy also tries to solve specific problems and it defines the most efficient and effective use of resources.

A digital strategy is subordinate to a business strategy or in other words it needs to be closely aligned to the business strategy to achieve an organisation’s overall goals.

The website is at the hart of a digital strategy since it acts as the main content hub and for many businesses it’s their virtual shop-front. A digital strategy is heavily focused on online marketing channels and how website traffic or new leads are generated, but it also takes into consideration the industry, competitors, target audience, online rules and regulations and the business environment.

A digital strategy audit should provide insights into how new technologies can be utilized within an organisation. Currently, AI & machine learning, VR, marketing automation and messenger bot marketing are big in the game. These revolutionary technologies shape the way people interact with an organisation. Therefore, if an opportunity exists to integrate one or all of these early on, it could be the edge needed to stay ahead of the competition.

A dedicated team of digital strategists

Digital Strategy Consulting for Success

  • Team of exceptional digital strategists.
  • We are always at the forefront of new technologies.
  • Proven track record.
  • We dig deep to unveil all details needed for the digital strategy audit
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Goal & results focussed.
  • We set measurable KPIs

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