How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

There are many different ways on how to get more likes on Facebook pages, but today we are going to show you the EASIEST, the CHEAPEST and fastest way of growing your follower base on Facebook.

Below are some of the more conventional ways of how to get followers on Facebook and honestly there is nothing wrong with these. In fact the best outcome is achieved if you do all of these activities at the same time.

  • Create social media posting content calendar and implement a regular posting schedule with content that is of interest to your target audience and buyer persona.
  • Produce regular blogs (at least two per month) and post them on your Facebook page with extra commentary to entice people to engage. Ask for their opinions and engage your audience. Also put some budget behind the posts (“boosted posts”) to increase the number of impressions and overall engagement.
  • Generate video posts. Videos have been hot for a while but the trend shows that video marketing is going to grow tremendously throughout 2021-2023. Videos get way more engagement compared to still image posts.
  • Post curated content from other websites and comment with your opinion on the subject to exhibit thought leadership.
  • Run a paid Facebook page like campaign. A Facebook page like campaign has a specific ad format and is designed to get your page in front of as many eyeballs as possible. It doesn’t stop there, Facebook actually shows your ad to people who are more likely to like your page. The ad also shows friends who liked the Facebook page already.

But what is the ultimate way on how to get followers on your Facebook page? 🕵

▶ Watch our video to learn a ridiculously easy way to get more Facebook page likes.

Having said that, this strategy actually works best if you already have a decent size of followers and a good engagement rate.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your Facebook page and click on “Notifications”
  2. Find a notification on post engagement and click on it.
  3. Once the post shows up, click on the engagement count underneath the Facebook post.
  4. You will now either see, “Liked” or “Invite” next to the person who has engaged with your content.
  5. If you click on “Invite”, the person will get a notification with an invite to like your Facebook page.

Simple, right? Happy Facebook page growth to ya’ll.

If you are still hungry for more #SocialMediaMarketingTips, check out our post on How to Find Competitors Facebook Ads.

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