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On average it takes around 6-8 touch points before someone trusts a business enough to become a customer. Our inbound marketing agency is specialised in creating not just any touch points, but smart touch points. What does that mean? It means to deliver the right content, with the right channel at the right time.

We assist SMEs with the development and implementation of an inbound marketing strategy that generates continuous touch points by (1) attracting people to your website or landing page (2) capturing leads with a lead magnet (3) continuously nurturing those leads (4) and presenting the right offer and calls-to-action at the right time throughout the buyer journey.

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What is Inbound Marketing?

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Inbound Marketing is a strategy to attract people with valuable content they are interested in or curious about. On the most basic level inbound marketing is content marketing, but with a more strategic approach to attract, capture, nurture and close.

As opposed to outbound or traditional marketing (cold calling, TV commercials, newspaper ads,etc..) where a message is broadcast to the world and pushed onto people who might not have the slightest interest, inbound marketing uses a more segmented approach to only reach a specific buyer persona.

The very goal is to attract people with valuable content they’re interested in to then further engage by continuously nurturing them throughout the buyers journey. It’s a way to stay connected and front of mind with a prospect so that when they’re ready to take action, your company will be the first choice.

Attract Prospects

The “Attract” stage of inbound marketing focuses on how to get people to your website or landing page.

Besides creating unique and captivating content that suits your ideal buyer persona, we make a point of selecting the right distribution channel. Ideally we attract people through a variety of channels. The channel selection depends on the target audience, your product and services, the industry your in and more. These are some of the more popular channels we regularly use for campaigns:

inbound marketing attract prospects

Convert Prospects

inbound marketing landing page

The “Convert” stage of inbound marketing focuses on how to capture prospects’ details.

We provide value in exchange for the users email address, name and other details. For this strategy we produce a lead magnet that is accessible through a customised landing page. At Museproject, we’re experts in creating lead magnets and landing pages with a high conversion rate. Some examples of lead magnets we would typically produce:

  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Fact sheets
  • Research papers
  • Calculators & quizzes
  • Webinars

Close the Deal

The “Close” stage of inbound marketing is all about closing the deal, making a sale or winning a client.

As much as you’d like to close the deal immediately, it’s not always that easy. Most of the time, the prospect is not ready to buy straight away and therefore we deploy the following strategies to help get the prospect ready to buy from you.

  • Segmentation campaigns
  • Automated email nurture campaigns
  • SMS campaigns
  • Phone calls & scripts
  • Calls to action
  • Follow up sequences
  • Content based on stage of buyer journey

Delight Customers

delight stage of inbound marketing

The “Delight” stage of inbound marketing focuses on making customers happy to build long-term satisfaction and to encourage referral business.

Many businesses rely on referral business, but how can you encourage customers to refer you? We help our clients with strategies on how they can attain more referral business and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Automated feedback campaigns
  • Customer Surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Referral reward programs & Campaigns
  • Automated testimonial collection
  • Affiliate marketing

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