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We are sharp in all things digital. Measurable & results driven marketing is our biggest passion.

We were fortunate enough to run online marketing campaigns for many great clients across Australia and even internationally. In short, we are qualified online marketing professionals with vast experience in online marketing, digital strategy, inbound marketing, marketing automation and lead generation.

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Meet the Team

Why our online marketing agency is the right choice for your business

We like to do things a little different, a little out of the box and sometimes even a little crazy. We are an online marketing agency that is never satisfied with results because we always strive to be better!

With a strategic approach we forge new pathways for our clients to dominate in a crowded marketplace. We believe that a good working relationship starts with honesty, trust, transparency and commitment. Too many digital agencies promise the world to their clients in their first meeting, but then the world starts turning as the excitement wears off due to average or more often than not poor results. At the end of the day you want to see a positive return on investment. What we’re seeing too often lately is that digital agencies take on too many clients and they end up delivering a below average service because they don’t have the manpower to invest the necessary time and resources into each client. We prefer to work with a handful of clients, rather than flooding the boat.

Recommending the right online marketing channel

“Choosing the right channel, can make or break your success.”

Getting your marketing mix right is one of the most important factors for online success.

Choosing the right online marketing channel comes down to many important factors. Has your company got an established brand or are you just starting out? Are your products known or are you launching a completely new service? Are people looking for your service online or do we need to generate awareness? These are a few of many questions we’ll ask you before we enter into a working relationship. Every business is unique and therefore a tailored approach is necessary. Unlike other digital agencies, we’re not going to recommend a mix of channels that generates the best income for us, we recommend a channel mix that suits your business model and goals you’re trying to achieve.

It’s not about website traffic volume, it’s about converting traffic.

No matter what path or online marketing channel you choose, website traffic is a major factor, however, it’s not about driving as much traffic to your website as possible, it’s about driving the right traffic to your website, traffic that converts into customers. Far too many businesses and inexperienced digital agencies optimise their online marketing campaigns for website clicks. The truth is that more traffic doesn’t necessarily lead to more leads and sales. At Museproject, we optimise for one thing only and that is “conversions”. You might ask what is a conversion? Well, a conversion is a defined action you want your website visitors to take, such as calling you, sending you an enquiry, buying something online if you run an eCommerce store, signing up to your newsletter or any other action you deem important to your business. In order to optimise for conversions, we continually analyse your website traffic and fine tune your digital strategy perpetually. We have a variety of techniques & tools at hand to assess and improve your campaigns.

The values that drive our digital agency

Honesty & Transparency

Firstly, we believe that an honest and transparent approach to a working relationship is fundamental to a sustainable partnership. We are not in the business of over promising, we tell you how it is. Online marketing activities can be successful right off the bat, but more often than not it takes between 1-3 months for any campaign to gain full momentum. We call this stage the exploration phase. It’s the time where we test of what works and what doesn’t. It’s also the phase in which we fine tune campaigns to transition them into the return-on-investment phase.

Pro-activeness & Innovation

We are full of ideas and we foster innovation within our digital agency on a daily basis. Rest assured that we are always on the front foot with new ways of inspiring your digital campaigns. As experienced as we are in online marketing and business, we openly admit that we don’t know everything, but we promise that we’ll find a solution for everything. Digging deep and doing research is essential for finding the best possible solution for your project.

Understanding & Commitment

The first thing we do when taking on a new client is to learn. To market your business successfully, we understand that we need to know how your business works, the industry your in, the services you offer and what your competitors are doing. We are committed to gaining a full understanding of your business by doing thorough research and by asking the right question. The commitment needs to be mutual that is why we set the right expectations of our working relationship right at the beginning. We do regular meetings with our clients to not only report on past results, but to stay ahead of what you’re business plans are.

Our online marketing approach


Initial Meeting

  1. Get to know each other
  2. Discuss your requirements and goals.
  3. Proposal & initial recommendations


Digital Strategy

  1. Survey
  2. Competitor & Situation Analysis
  3. Define Goals & KPI's


Marketing Plan

  1. Define Marketing Channels
  2. Marketing Plan
  3. Implement Tracking Scripts & Conversion Tags on Website


Manage & Report

  1. Ongoing campaign management
  2. Monthly Report
  3. Campaign Refinement & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Our full service online marketing is for medium sized companies that seek a dedicated partner to develop and execute a comprehensive online marketing strategy that includes multiple channels. We offer tailored solutions based on your needs and level of required engagement, but we also offer 3 given marketing partnership plans.

Grow your business with online marketing

Let’s have a chat

Still not sure if our online marketing agency is the right fit for your business? That’s no issue, in fact we encourage you to shop around. However, if you think that we could be the right fit, then let’s have a chat. Our first meeting is casual, no strings attached. We can meet for a coffee or a beer and discuss what your requirements are.

Did you know that we also offer:

Digital Strategy Consulting & Website Project Management
There are many great website developers or web development agencies out there, no doubt about that. But how do you know which one is the best one to work with? Choosing the wrong digital agency or web developer can end up in an expensive disaster. Developing a website requires a lot of initial planning before you even talk to a web designer or digital agency. Optimising your website for search engines for example should not start at the end of a website project, but should happen in the beginning of your project. It starts with choosing the right keywords and knowing which terms to optimise for on each web page.

To produce the best possible content for your website you need experts in their field:

Yes sure you can get your website copy done by any copywriter, but why not work with a copywriter that is specialised in writing content specific to your industry. We help you find that industry specialist and work with them to assure your most important keywords are surgically positioned on the right web page, in the right order and in the right spot.

Video Content & Photography
You might want to have one or several videos on your website. Again, it comes down to choosing the best partner for your project. Not every photographer is suitable for your project. We bring it all together; the script writer who prepares the storyboard, the actors involved, the voice over, the setting and the video or photo shoot. Tell us what you need and we organise everything for you.

Web Project Negotiation & Accountability
We assure that you get what you pay for, it’s that simple. We also get you several quotes from various parties, it’s always good to have a couple of choices when it comes to a web project. After discussing various quotes with you and consulting you on the best approach, we stay in touch with the production company to get regular updates on the project. Sometimes the parties involved in your project don’t live up to what they’ve promised or they delay a project due to other priorities. You’ve already paid your initial portion of the project and there is no way out without loosing thousands of dollars. Due to being in regular contact with the production company, we assure that they deliver on what was promised. Sometimes it needs a bit of a nudge, but we have no problem in talking straight and telling them of what is expected. Leave it up to us to bring up these unpleasant situations as we are pros in dealing with website project issues.