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Hey there! If you're in the roofing business and looking to climb the search engine ladder, you're in the right spot. SEO isn't just for e-commerce or bloggers—it's a game-changer for roofers too. Let's dive into how SEO can put your roofing company on the digital map. Ready to shingle out some top-notch strategies? Let's go!

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SEO Perth Client Testimonial
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"We are very impressed with Museproject's SEO service and highly recommend them to any business. They have managed to significantly improve the Google rankings..."

Cyrus M. | EasyMigrate 

"Highly recommended. We have been using their services over a year with excellent results. Our Google rankings have improved impressively...."

Gean B. | Smooth Movers 

"AME has been using Museproject for 2 years now helping us with our SEO, and haven't we seen huge advancements. We certainly recommend Marc at Museproject..."

Stephen A. | AME 

Core Principles for Roofer SEO Optimisation

Dream of having your roofing business pop up first on Google? Picture this: you're the premier choice when people type "Roofers Sydney", "Roofers Melbourne", "Roofers Perth", or niche services like "Roof Repair" or "Leak Fixing".

Dive into our specialised SEO for roofers at Museproject. We zero in on those crucial keywords, positioning you as the first call when roofs need expert attention.

What are you waiting for? Collaborate with us, see your brand climb Google's ranks, and turn those online queries into committed clients. 🚀

Keen to Jump From Zero to 190 Leads a Month, Just as Chris Managed?

In February 2020, Chris from Global Cool Air approached us as his emerging air conditioning business was just sprouting. In pursuit of a contemporary website and top-tier SEO assistance, he confided his ambitions to our team. Through our customised SEO plan, we not only crafted a standout website fine-tuned for SEO for him but also saw a steady surge in his monthly leads.

A Glimpse of Our Success:

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~ Averages 190 Leads Per Month & Growing

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Achieved 396 Prime Keyword Rankings on Google's 1st Page

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Expanded from a Solo Entrepreneur to a Four-Person Crew

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A Staggering 85-90% of His Trade is Fuelled by SEO

Aiming to eclipse your rivals and expand like Chris?

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SEO for Tradies Success Story
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Dive into the remarkable triumphs we've secured for our diverse clientele.

Global Cool Air SEO Perth Agency Client

1,335% Increase in Leads

From a humble 50 to a remarkable 5,000 monthly visits, we supercharged a Perth air conditioning firm's digital footprint, ensuring an average of 190 leads every month. With our SEO mastery, Chris expanded his workforce, welcoming three additional adept contractors.

C. Schofield | Global Cool Air 

Relocations WA -Museproject Client -SEO Success Story

187 Keywords on Page 1 of Google

Beginning with 36 keywords on Google's first page and a humble 50 monthly leads, Relocations WA has since flourished with 187 top-ranking keywords, attracting 2,600 visits and securing 250 leads each month.

S. Blackwell  | Relocations WA

Be Activewear - eCommerce SEO Services Client

250% Increase in Organic Sales

In just a year of overseeing Be Activewear's SEO, we boosted their monthly sales from $3,500 to a solid $8,500, achieving top rankings for more than 600 keywords. A pivotal element of our approach? Using SEO-rich blogs to spotlight their activewear collection.

J. Taylor | Be Activewear

Alecto Museproject Client Logo

300% Increase in Organic Traffic

In less than two years, we supercharged Alecto's organic site traffic, soaring from approximately 1,500 to an impressive 4,500 visits. By deploying an expert keyword strategy, their lead generation saw a notable surge.

M. Giron | Alecto Australia 

Advanced Gynaecology Client Logo

From 4K to 20K Visits Per Month

Through precise targeting of key keywords and crafting high-quality content, we boosted Advanced Gynaecology Melbourne's website traffic from under 5,000 visits three years ago to an astounding 20,000+ monthly visits today.

A. Ades | Advanced Gynaecology 

How Our SEO Services Benefit Electricians

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 Boost Domain Authority

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Enhanced User Experience

Elevate your roofing solutions with Museproject's tailored strategies. By claiming dominant spots in search results, you'll be the first call when local roofs leak or shingles need replacing.

Such outstanding online prominence isn’t merely a digital transformation; it's a surge in organic web traffic. As your digital footprint expands, the potential to convert these online explorers into dedicated clients increases, notably boosting potential leads.

It's not just about the metrics; our aim is to craft a fluid, user-focused digital journey. Every visitor, through each interaction, effortlessly connects with your roofing services, reinforcing your image as not just a roofer, but an expert in the craft.

In a time where the initial digital encounter often determines loyalty, Museproject ensures your online presence is genuinely impressive.

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Other Avenues to Propel Your Business Forward

Website Design

Website Design

Don't have a website yet or need a makeover? Elevate your roofing company with our SEO-optimised website design, ensuring you're the top choice for local clients.

Perth SEO Results

Google Ads Campaigns

Amplify your roofing company's reach through strategic Google Ads campaigns, driving targeted traffic and boosting your online presence effectively.

Social Media

Social Media Advertising

Maximise your roofing company's impact with our social media advertising expertise, engaging your audience and expanding your brand influence.

Extensive SEO Expertise Tailored for Trade Professionals.

Within Museproject, we're masters in trade-centric SEO. Our synergy extends to diverse trade experts – no craft is too niche for our proficiency. Curious about the beneficiaries of our SEO wizardry? Take a peek!

SEO for Painters

SEO for Cleaners

SEO for Builders

SEO for Tilers

SEO for Tree Loppers

SEO for Removalists

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SEO for All Other Trades

Irrespective of your trade's specialisation, our expertise spans the spectrum. Prepare for an elevated online presence and accelerated business expansion.

Tailored Local SEO for Roofing Companies

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Museproject ensures your roofing company's sustained growth through established SEO tactics.

We understand that SEO success is a gradual journey, not an instant result. We embark on a systematic approach, consistently nurturing keyword rankings, and steadily advancing your online presence.

The process involves meticulous keyword research, content refinement, and technical optimisation. As we cultivate authoritative backlinks and enhance user experience, your visibility surges.

Expect a step-by-step climb in search rankings, as we refine strategies, align with industry trends, and calibrate your site's performance. With perseverance, your roofing business will enjoy a solid foundation for enduring digital success.

SEO for Roofing Businesses of All Sizes

Whether you're a lone roofer or a complete roofing crew, Museproject stands ready to enhance your digital visibility.

Small Business SEO

Small Roofing Business

Fuel growth for small roofing contracters with our tailored SEO solutions. We focus on local visibility, directing customers to your doorstep.


Medium Size Business

Museproject scales up medium roofing businesses with a potent blend of on-page optimisation and strategic backlinks, driving expanded reach.

Enterprise SEO

Large Roofing Companies

Amplify the impact of large roofing corporations through our comprehensive SEO strategies, showcasing your industry authority and securing top rankings.