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Museproject originated because we saw almost all Perth SEO agencies making money off the back of hard-working business owners with SEO services that didn’t bring them any results. Our SEO company is based on the promise of offering an honest, strategic and results driven SEO service.

Get a FREE SEO audit from our SEO experts in Perth, which includes:

  • Keyword research (categorized by search volume, current rankings and priority).
  • Content analysis
  • Is your search listing optimised for organic clicks?
  • Internal and external link analysis.
  • Backlink audit.
  • Domain authority, page authority and spam score analysis.
  • Code structure, speed test and mobile responsiveness.
  • Strategy recommendations.

Our FREE SEO Audit is available to any Australian business.

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What are your SEO services going to do for my business?

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You see, doing SEO right takes a lot of time. Most Perth SEO agencies keep on-boarding new clients and take advantage of their lack of knowledge about search engine optimisation (SEO). They are masters in selling, but what happens is either your SEO is left to junior digital marketing staff or they don’t invest enough time because they’re too busy. On top of that, they lock you in for a 6 or 12 months contract.

At Museproject, you will only be dealing with SEO experts with years of experience. We don’t do lock-in contracts because we are confident to achieve outstanding results for you.

Our SEO service pursues three main goals:

  • Increase your organic website traffic
  • Generate conversions / leads
  • 1st page Google rankings

How we achieve those goals:

  • On-page optimisation
  • Link building & citation building
  • Writing blogs and evergreen content
  • Local SEO (Improve Google map rankings)
  • Improving technical factors and code structure

What is strategic SEO?

SEO needs to be approached with a solid strategy. With a willy-nilly SEO approach you set yourself up for failure.

In-depth research forms the base for a good SEO strategy. Firstly, we need to understand your prospects and how they search for your products and services. Most keywords have an inherrent searcher intent. We categories keywords into top of the funnel, middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel. Bottom of the funnel keywords, i.e. search terms indicating that someone is ready to engage/buy are the most valuable and as such should be used for the main service pages. Keywords indicating that the user is doing research only are important too, but are more suitable to be optimized for in a blog post.

Essentially, an SEO strategy contains a detailed time-based plan outlining the exact activities to achieve the desired Google ranking. Typically, each web page should be optimised for no more than 1-3 focus keywords. The SEO strategy should therefore contain a detailed breakdown of web pages and the most suitable keywords for each. Once the target keywords are identified, the content can be structured and optimized for the same.

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Our 5 step strategic SEO approach

  • 1. SEO Strategy Workshop & KPI’s
    Prior to our first meeting we’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire. Then, we arrange a meeting with you to find out about your business and your industry. It’s also a chance for you to ask questions and learn about our SEO services. In our meeting we’ll pinpoint particular focus areas and whether there any products and services that should be prioritiesed. We’ll surface the goals you are trying to achieve with our SEO company and we also set time-based KPIs.
  • 2. SEO Audit & Strategy
    The next step starts with the nerdy stuff, the stuff we love. We do a full SEO audit on your website which includes comprehensive keyword research. We crank up our industry leading tools and find every keyword opportunity in the universe. This process is followed by a competitor analysis to find out about their main keywords and their tactics to rank well. Finally, we prepare a detailed strategy document.
  • 3. Conversion Tracking Audit
    Increasing website traffic is important, but what’s more important is lead generation. Knowing what keywords convert best is key to growing your business. In order to do that, we need to set up conversion tracking on your website. If you already have conversion tracking in place, we will test everything to make sure everything was setup correct in the past.
  • 4. Ongoing SEO Work
    We implement the work outlined in the SEO strategy and evolve the strategy as we go.
  • 5. Monthly SEO Progress Report
    You will receive an easy to understand monthly SEO progress report from us. The report outlines achievements, the work that has been completed, focus areas for the new months, keyword ranking progress, organic website traffic increase and other vital website metrics we track.

Our 5 step SEO service process has proven to generate a positive return on investment (ROI) for 95% of our clients. The remaining 5% are not clients of us anymore due to unrealistic expectations.

Unlike other SEO agencies, we don’t make unrealistic promises such as ranking all your keywords on page one after one month, but we do promise consistent progress each month.

The Museproject difference

  • We go above and beyond for results
  • We’re SEO experts, we know what we’re doing.
  • We don’t outsource any SEO work. It’s all done right here in Perth.
  • We believe in strategy and process.
  • We don’t work with everyone, it needs to be good fit for both parties.
  • Our goal is to maintain strong relationships with our clients for the long-run.

If you feel comfortable with the above, get in touch to see if we’re a good fit.

Grow your business with a unique strategic SEO approach

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WE don’t do average.

At Museproject, average results are not good enough. We are passionate about our work and value our reputation as high-performing digital marketing agency. Our SEO Services in Perth are all done in-house and we don’t outsource any of the work to third-parties.

We pursue a client centric digital marketing approach, meaning that our focus is on delivering great results to keep you happy, even if it means to spend extra time at no cost.