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Social Media Marketing works, but unfortunately not for everyone. Success, and by success we mean generating a positive return on investment, comes down to strategy and experience. We know all the tactics that actually work for almost every business in almost any industry.

How does your social media agency get results?

  • Persona & target audience research.
  • Building advanced custom, retargeting and lookalike audiences.
  • Combining design, messaging, digital & analytics.
  • Choosing the right channel. Facebook vs LinkedIn, etc..
  • Creating irresistible & targeted offers.
  • Audience & ad split testing.
  • Ongoing campaign optimisation.

We’d hate to see you waste your money with a DIY approach. Get our social media experts to assist you.

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Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most popular social advertising platform. It can be incredibly profitable to run ads on Facebook if you know what you’re doing, but you can also waste thousands of dollars if you you’re inexperienced. We help our clients achieve a positive return on investment with Facebook marketing by deploying proven strategies and tactics.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is owned by Facebook and therefore Instagram ads can be setup in Facebook Ads manager. Essentially, we can set up a Facebook ad and run it on Instagram as well. Brands can use Instagram to reach a very specific target audience with highly effective ad types.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the best social media advertising option for B2B type businesses. You want to target specific job titles, industries, companies of a particular size, seniority of job and more? Typiclally, ad engagement is lower on LinkedIn compared to other channels, but it offers razor sharp targeting.

YouTube Advertising

If you want to reach the highest number of people possible at the lowest cost, YouTube is your channel. YouTube can be extremely effective for brand awareness, to introduce a new product, but also to drive conversions or sales. Whether you choose TrueView in-stream ads, bumper ads or discovery ads, success comes down to audience targeting, video quality, message, calls-to-action and more.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is the fifth most popular social network. Despite of it’s amazing targeting options, it’s widely ignored by most marketers. Twitter advertising is much cheaper compared to other platforms and you only pay if your Twitter ad achieves the defined marketing goal. Get in touch with us if you want to expand into Twitter advertising to reach new audiences.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people with a large number of followers on social media platforms. Influencers, like the name suggests, have a lot of influence over their followers. It can be very rewarding for big brands to engage influencers who endorse their products. Finding the right influencer to achieve a particular goal is not easy. The research and negotiation is best done by people with experience in this space. If you need assistance, please drop us a line or get in touch.

Australia Social Media Nation; Tap into a pool of opportunities & potential customers

1 in 2 Australians use Facebook on a daily basis. Instagram has 9,000,000 monthly active Australian users and Youtube entertains 15,000,000 Australian visitors every month. These social media giants collect a vast amount of data about their users and luckily for us marketers and business owners alike, it allows us to target extremely segmented audiences.

If you are not utilizing social media advertising yet as a means of generating leads or if you don’t get results yet, it’s time to speak to the experts. How good would it be to get 20-100 new leads every month without much effort? Once your funnel is in place and works well, it just keeps on giving.

Let’s have a chat to develop a strategy for your business that works.

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Next Level Social Media Marketing

Simplified example of Marketing Funnel Strategy

social media marketing strategy

On your website, the user can easily be distracted by information overload. Since we want to guide users to complete a specific action, it’s much more effective to setup a custom landing page or funnel that is specifically designed for the purpose of the campaign.

If you simply direct traffic to your website what happens is, the user will bounce and will likely never be seen again. To avoid this, we want to capture the user’s details by providing value in exchange. Value can be drawn from information or it can be an irresistible offer, such as a discount or something for free.

Capturing the users’ details allows you to engage and further segment your audience. Once we have their details, we can reach the same user again with customised content through various channels, such as retargeting and a series of emails (drip-campaigns).

A marketing funnel consists of more than just a landing page. Successful campaigns are planned out in detail and require a strategy outlining all steps involved.

Our 6 Step Social Media Marketing approach

We’ve got a tried and tested battle plan for you. Our 6 step social media marketing partnership approach has been refined time and again to offer a truly tailormade approach and to achieve the best possible outcome for each and every client. Our approach is very bespoke and unique. We don’t do half-jobs.

Most social media agencies have no strategy for their clients, let alone setting clear goals and KPIs for their marketing campaigns. We do things a little different. When you engage us, we set expectations straight and make sure clear and measurable goals are defined. That way you and us are clear what success looks like.

  • 1. Strategy Meeting & KPI’s
    Successful social media marketing is not as simple as setting up a couple of ads and direct traffic to your homepage. When you engage with us, we arrange a kick-off strategy meeting, either in person or over the phone to dig deep and learn about your organisation, your goals and what marketing you’ve done in the past. After the meeting, we retreat and do our in-depth market research to propose a solid lead generation strategy.
  • 2. Audience & Persona Research
    There has never been a more sophisticated way of reaching your target audience than social media advertising. In order to get the targeting right, we need to research your key target personas, their demographics, behavior, interests and much more. At Museproject, we leave nothing to chance. Getting the targeting right ensures to reach an audience that is ready to buy from you.
  • 3. Conversion Tracking Installation
    Correct website and campaign tracking is of paramount importance when it comes to improving and refining your digital marketing campaigns. We do a full tracking audit on your website and if anything is missing or incorrect, we’ll rectify it before we run any social media campaigns.
  • 4. Set up Campaigns & Marketing Funnel
    Once the campaign strategy & tracking is sorted, we start creating all campaign assets, i.e write ad copy, design banners, photography, create landing pages & marketing funnel, set up nurture campaigns, etc…
  • 5. Active Campaign Management & Refinements
    We constantly monitor your social marketing campaigns and refine them continually, i.e split-test new audiences, split-test ad copy and creative, or change the landing page as required. We know that if we don’t generate leads for you, the relationship will be at stake, but don’t worry we truly go above and beyond for results.
  • 6. Monthly Performance Report
    We encourage an active exchange with our clients. While we keep you updated on campaign performance over the phone, you’ll receive a detailed monthly performance report.

Why we should run your social media campaigns?

Experience is one of the most important factors when it comes to social media marketing. We’ve run hundreds of social media campaigns and implemented successful strategies for companies in numerous industries. We’ve helped these organisations grow. After all, that’s what we’re here for, to help your business succeed.

What can you expect when you work with us?

  • Highly experienced social media marketing team.
  • We know exactly what works and what doesn’t.
  • We are very agile and swift (don’t wait weeks, we get to work immediately).
  • Our team is easy to deal with and we maintain frequent contact with clients.
  • Your dedicated account/campaign manager is experienced. You won’t deal with juniors.
  • We analyse and measure everything possible to be sure you get a ROI.
  • We love results and are prepared to go the extra mile.

No question is a stupid question. Please do contact us if you need help with your social media marketing campaigns.